Last-Minute Flights, Last-Minute Frights

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We usually change travel plans due to medical emergency, sudden death in the family or just a whimsical change of vacation destination at one time or another. We have experienced showing up at the airport asking to get into the first available flight at the very last minute. And some people are just born lucky that they always manage to get on board a plane just a second before the stewardess closes the door.  

However, the rush of adrenaline and excitement can bring you to a euphoric high, but one should not make a career out of chasing airplanes just for the thrill of it. Dashing around airports for the last seat on the first plane to leave could actually be dangerous not only to your health but to your safety and wallet as well.

Going on a trip at the very last minute is like going for a roller coaster ride, albeit, with a very expensive ticket. In case you are a trusted corporate employee, being given travel orders on a dash can give you that sudden burst of excitement. You are going on a trip! The same excitement is felt like a child when told that he is going to the carnival. You pack up your things with your heart on the double.

Going after last minute flights could be dangerous to your safety and security mainly because you might jump onto the plane without any travel insurance in place. Flying away from the security and safety of the earth already has its inherent risks and dangers. Do not compound the risk by flying uninsured.

Finally, and the most compelling reason to avoid last minute flights is the factor of cost. You arrive at the airport with no more option. You are ready to take the very first available plane no matter what the cost. You no longer care or even have the time to shop around for better deals. As a result, you end up paying more than what your trip actually costs, clearly you may even pay twice than the person sitting next to you who bought their ticket two weeks in advance.

Haggling for last minute flight seats may be exciting and fills our thirst for thrill. But we should be aware that this is not the best way to travel. The moment you hit the plane seat you don't just sit back and relax. You might have left your bag on the counter due to the hurry of catching the last plane out.

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Last-Minute Flights, Last-Minute Frights

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This article was published on 2010/12/08